Alexander D Great - Broadcaster/Composer/Educator

April 2016 - West Indies T20 Competition

In the wake of the West Indies T20 Competition 2016 win, Alexander has produced a fitting tribute.

New Album 2016 - After the Windrush

Lyrical poet & London Griot Alexander D. Great reveals his superb new album, ‘After The Windrush’ on this A World In London! Click here:  The son of Trinidadian educators that moved to London during the Windrush era, Alexander D. Great is now dubbed ‘History Man’ by his own pupils. Growing up on a musical diet of Bob Dylan and calypso, Alex is a remarkable story-teller & social commentator. Virtuoso of prose and rhythm, combined just with guitar and an arsenal of profound lyrics. On this AWIL hear his astute & witty observation of life & all its nuances, a feminist man who understands & celebrates women, but above all, one of the most outstanding performers in our midst - Windrush to HEAD-rush!

  ARTIST                        TRACK                                       COUNTRY
Hossam Ramzy           Sabla Tolo IV                           Egypt/UK
Luca Luciano             Divertimento No.11                         Italy/UK
El Naán                      Los Negros De Castilla                   Spain
Alexander D. Great   International Women’s Day            UK/Trinidad
‘           ‘                       What Is Black Music                    ‘           ‘
‘           ‘                       Amandla Mandela                        ‘           ‘
‘           ‘                       Maya Angelou                              ‘           ‘
‘           ‘                       Peace & Reconciliation                  ‘           ‘
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July 2015 - The Queen’s kaiso

As Queen Elizabeth II celebrates being the longest reigning Monarch, Alexander D Great shares in this auspicious occasion his tribute in Kaiso.

A UKIP Calypso Response by Alexander D Great - October 2014

Back in Britain, BBC presenter Mike Read released - and then apologised for - an abominable 'calypso' song praising Nigel Farage and Ukip. This week Calypso hit back. The response song of top Calypsonian Alexander D Great plays us out (26.40).