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Subject: Alexander D Great on Vox Africa

Here I am on Vox Africa's "Shoot the Messenger" on sunday 13th April. I have posted the whole programme (which is in 3 parts) so that you can see what Professor Gus John and I were up against. I am only in the third section but the others are worth watching to see how uninformed rich black people can be even in the 21st century. God, I look old.

Part 1 - Gus John on the papers.

Part 2 Ravings of a Thatcherite. 

Part 3- my riposte.

Alexander D defender of sanity.

Another fierce competition was fought at the 2011 London Calypso Monarch finals, but the night belonged once again to Alexander D Great (Alexander Sandy Loewenthal) who wins for the second consecutive year  with the track entitled Trials of a Pan Woman.
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Alexander D Great
Alexander D Great
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Alexander D Great
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